Texas Financial Advisors

Having your financial future in safe hands is a much better thing. An experienced financial expert can help you overcome your financial challenges.

 It can also strategize your spending, earnings, investments, and savings to effectively implement your financial goals. Finding a trusted financial advisor in Texas is usually not easy. Because you have hundreds of advisors. 

There is also a long list of qualifications and certifications for research and evaluation, which may confuse you. However today we will discuss in detail Texas financial advisors.

Who are the best financial advisors in the Rockwall, Texas area?

Relying on someone in the firm to protect your money for retirement or resource mobilization is a big decision. However, it can be a difficult decision to know which resource management agency or resource consulting services should be taken.

 Do you know if your money is in the right hands? For this, you need to take the advice of a financial advisor. Now let’s see some of the best financial advisors in the Rockwall, Texas area-

John Kvale


J.K. Financial, Inc.

Office Location: Dallas, TX  75225

Patrick Strodtman

Edelman Financial Engines, LLC

Office Location: Dallas, TX  75240

Personal Capital

Personal Capital Advisors Corporation

Office Location: Dallas, TX  75201

Patrick Strodtman

Edelman Financial Engines, LLC

Office Location: Fort Worth, TX  76137

Justin Farris

Life & Health; Long Term Care; Specify below, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Certificant

Farris Capital Management Inc

Office Location: Dallas, TX  75254

Justin Gedlen


Disciplined Advisors Group

Office location: Addison, TX  75001

Zach Allen


Disciplined Advisor Group

Office Location:Dallas, TX  75244

Robert Gecker

Allworth Financial

Office location: Addison, TX  75001

Jeffrey M. Barton

JMG Wealth Management

Office location: McKinney, TX  75070

Bill Riley


Riley Private Client, LLC

Office Location: Southlake, TX  76092

What is a fair fee for a financial advisor?

Typically the cost of a financial advisor is the fee that companies charge based on the percentage of assets under management to manage an ongoing portfolio. 

According to a 2013 RIA in a box study, the average financial advisor spends 0.99% of AUM. That could be about,500 9,500 per year for 1 million accounts. Its fees are often assessed quarterly.

Also, your advisory fees are lower depending on how your investment is expanding.

 In addition, asset-based fees may decrease as the amount of the account increases. This means that high-net-valued individuals are still paying fair rates. Fees will usually be higher for those with lower account values.

 However, the Adv Adv HQ survey of 201 Adv found that the average AOM fee for a $ 50,000 account is 1.18% or 590 a year.

Fixed fees and hourly fees, on the other hand, may generally apply to financial planning or consulting services as well as special projects. Because fixed fees usually range from $ 1,000 to 3,000.

 Also, the fee is anywhere from 100 100 to 400 400 per hour depending on your mentor and the complexity of the project.

Does it cost money to talk to a financial advisor?

Usually, most financial advisors charge based on how much money they manage. However, these fees range from 0.25% to 1% per year. Also, some financial advisors carry a flat hourly or annual fee instead.

What it costs to be a financial advisor, on the other hand, depends on the fees they use with their clients. Flat fee-paying consultants can cost from $ 2,000 to 500 a year.

Do financial advisors help?

Financial advisors usually include financial planners and investment advisors. It is important to look for financial advisors because they follow trustworthy rules. They manage in the best interests of their clients and they receive remuneration.

Also, a well-certified financial planner can organize leisure savings and your overall financial picture. They help you plan for big expenses.

This includes buying a home or having a baby. Also daily budget and expenditure, more taxes and estate planning, etc.

Can a financial advisor steal your money?

If your financial adviser steals money directly from your account, it is stolen. Usually, these cases involve the purposeful work of your financial advisor. Such as transferring money from your account.

However, financial advisers can steal from you if you fail in your actions or behavior.

 Why you should not use a financial advisor?

It may seem unreasonable to use it but it is not! You can use any financial advisor to help you with your investment. Usually, you have your unique situation with your own investment goals and strategies.

So, there are some reasons not to use a financial advisor if you are not interested in working with a financial advisor.

Some of the reasons are education and certification, generalists, their way of earning money, trustworthy responsibilities, avoidance of responsibilities, Fear-Mongering, emotional involvement, etc.


So always make sure that your financial advisor will work in your best interest. Also, note that trustworthy criteria and legal obligations must be met to express a conflict of interest.

Hope you got the right idea about Texas financial advisors.

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