Matrix Financial Services Corporation

The demand for mortgage servicing has increased a lot with the increase of mortgaging. Certainly, people don’t mortgage any belongings without any reason. 

They look for the best mortgage loan services so that they can get the best deal. As a result, companies providing mortgage loan services have rapidly increased. 

Matrix Financial Services Corporation is one of these companies. They are very experienced in this field and have been working for a very long time. 

Here we will know about the company in detail. If you are looking for any information on the company, then give it a read until the article’s end.

What is Matrix Financial Services Corporation?

Matrix Financial Services Corporation
Matrix Financial Services Corporation

Matrix Financial Services Corporation is a company that works as a residential mortgage loan servicer. It is a subsidiary of another company.

 The parent organization of the Matrix is Two Harbors Investment Corporation which owns the company indirectly. Matrix mainly invests in mortgage servicing rights, especially of single-family agency eligible loans.

 Matrix has been working in this field for a long time, and it has established itself as one of the top companies. It ranks in the top 10 among all servicers of agency eligible assets. 

Matrix also maintains a servicing portfolio of over 150 billion dollars of Agency assets. From this, we can tell how big the company is and how trustable it is. You can trust them without even thinking twice.

What are the types of servicing that Matrix offers?

Every company has different forms of services of its own. It’s done mainly to attract the people. People are more attracted when they see an eye-catching service name and the benefits it. 

Similarly, Matrix has a few types of services. The types of servicing that Matrix offers are:

  • Concurrent transfers of servicing. It is also known as Co-Issue servicing.
  • Subsequent transfers of servicing. This is also called bulk pool servicing.

Both of them have different benefits, so you have an option to choose from both.

What are the benefits of the Matrix Co-Issue program?

Matrix financial services corporation
What are the benefits of the Matrix Co-Issue program

All servicing programs have different benefits. One doesn’t have similarities with the other. Matrix is one of the leading companies in the world, so it needs to have very soothing benefits. 

Their program is designed in such a way so that people are attracted to it. The benefits of the Matrix Co-Issue program are:

  • Integrates with FANNIE MAE’S servicing and supports all in funding in SMP.
  • Standard purchase and sale agreement.
  • Matrix is one of the largest investors in co-issue MSR. So they provide very consistent pricing along with competitive pricing and a permanent source of liquidity for its partners.
  • Can purchase most agency-eligible products.
  • Has the best technologies to support business.
  • They have a dedicated transaction manager and servicing points where you can directly contact them.
  • We streamlined the counterparty approval process.
  • They also provide the benefits of multiple document custodian options.

After seeing all these program benefits, anyone would be attracted to choose this plan.

What are the benefits of the Matrix Bulk Program?

Matrix financial services corporation
What are the benefits of the Matrix Bulk Program

If you think that the Matrix Co-Issue program isn’t good for you, don’t worry; you can see the other program that Matrix offers, which also looks very attractive. The benefits of the Matrix Bulk Program are:

  • Matrix wants to work directly with the sellers or through a brokered relationship.
  • Provides bulk acquisitions closing at a very quick time. It takes 45 days on average from the finalization of a bid to settlement.
  • Matrix is one of the most significant buyers of bulk pools of MSR. The total acquisitions averages over 50 billion dollars every year.
  • Abides by the standard purchase and sale agreement with market terms.
  • If necessary, Matrix also can accommodate interim servicing periods.

After seeing both of the programs, you must be amazed. Their service is top-notch, and no one can doubt it. If you aren’t satisfied with any one of the programs, then you surely will like the other program.

 These services are very convenient and easily reachable. You can choose one of them without any doubt because you won’t find any better services than this.


Matrix Financial Services Corporation provides the best mortgage loan services whom you can trust undoubtedly.

The importance of mortgage services has increased day by day. Not all companies can be trusted in this case, and sometimes one may have to face legal problems too due to the companies.

 So, a trustable and convenient company is required. Matrix Financial Services Corporation is the go-to option for you. 

Above you can find the details of the company as well as its programs. Matrix provides the best service you can get, and they have a lot of branches so you can contact them very easily.



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