How to Scan and Edit a Check Stub

You might want to know how to scan and edit a check stub. But why do we need to do it at all and not provide the original copy?

At different places, we may need to submit a check stub as proof, and we might not fulfill the requirements. For this reason, it becomes important to edit a check stub which is not possible without scanning it.

But a question may arise, won’t it be illegal to edit a crucial document? By the end of this article, we’ll be able to know why a check stub is needed, how to scan and edit a check stub, and what are the downsides of doing it.

If you want a complete guide, then follow the article till the last.

How to scan a check stub?

How to Scan and Edit a Check Stub
How to scan a check stub

Scanning a check stub is very easy, like any other documents. Still, you may not know how to scan a document, so here’s some assistance for you:

  • Launch the Google Drive application.
  • At the bottom right, there will be an Add option; click on that.
  • Select the scan option.
  • Take a photo of the check stub.
  • Crop the image properly and press the re-scan button to scan another page and tap add.
  • Tap Done, and you’re finished.

Scanning a check stub with a mobile can be this simple! If you use a computer, then it’s easier to use a scanner.

How to edit a check stub?How to edit a check stub

Editing a check stub and making it look like a legal one can be very hard. If you only want to change the paid amount, then that can be done, but it also includes a lot of risks.

If you’re willing to edit the check stub even after knowing the downsides, then the below process would be helpful to you:

Step 1

Open an image editing software and open the check stub from the file section.Open an image editing

Step 2

Identify the place you want to edit and use the erase tool.Use the erase tool Select BG color

Step 3

Drag the editDrag the edit

Step 4

Write the amount and save it nowWrite the amount

Many online tools are specialized only for editing check stubs so that you can use that.

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Is editing check stub legal?

Legal experts have been debating the legality of editing a check stub since 1923. The debate has been going on for so long that even Supreme Court justices have argued about it.

In 2003, the United States Department of Labor ruled that editing a paystub is illegal and can result in you being fired from your position.

In 2004, however, Congress passed a law to allow some employers to edit their employees’ paychecks as long as they give them written notice before hand and tell them what their wages will be changed to after the changes are made.

If an employer chooses not to do this then it is up to their discretion if they want to break federal laws by editing an employee’s paycheck illegally or not, but there are consequences for doing so.

Why are check stubs needed?Why are check stubs needed

Every day, people are required to submit their check stubs as proof of income for a variety of reasons. For example, landlords may ask for this form of documentation before renting an apartment or house to potential tenants.

The information on the stub may be used to calculate taxes owed by the tenant at year’s end. Employers also need them in order to verify that employees are being paid appropriately and timely.

Other types of businesses also use these forms when paying contractors who work with their company, such as construction workers or landscapers.

Many employers will provide check stubs upon request from current employees, but it is important for individuals applying for employment to make sure they have copies on file in case they lose theirs during the application process.

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What are the disadvantages of editing check stubs?What are the disadvantages of editing check stubs

If you hear the disadvantages or the threats that you invite by editing a check stub, then you certainly won’t want to do it. By editing, you’re doing a crime, and if you get caught, then you’ll have to face a lot of bad experiences. Some of the bad sides are:

  • Law enforcement can take you to jail for editing a check stub.
  • If you apply for a loan, then the lender will immediately refuse to borrow your money and can take legal actions as it’s a form of fraud.

If you don’t want to go to jail, don’t even think of editing your check stub.

How can I edit my pay stubs?

  1. Find your pay stubs online on the company’s website
  2. Download and save a copy of the paystub in PDF format to your computer
  3. Open the file, click File -> Print, change paper size to Letter (8 1/2 x 11), then “OK”
  4. Click Tools -> Page Setup -> Margins tab, set all margins to 0 inches
  5. Select print preview and make sure everything looks correct before printing out copies for yourself or saving as a PDF document
  6. Save any changes you made by clicking File -> Exit, which will prompt you with “Do you want to save this file?” – select Yes if you want to keep these edits saved

Is editing a paystub illegal?

Many people are unaware that editing a paystub is illegal. A pay stub, or paycheck stub, is the document that employers give their employees when they are paid for work completed.

This document provides all of the information about how much money was earned in total and what taxes were taken out. It also includes other deductions like 401k contributions or insurance premiums.

The law prohibits changing any of this information on this form without permission from either your employer or the IRS.


We hope you’ve learned how to scan and edit a check stub from the above article. But it’s easy for us to understand that editing and using it is completely illegal, and you might face severe legal actions by doing it!

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