Fifa 16 Loan Glitch

Fifa 16 Loan Glitch? Gaming has become a popular method of recreation. Many people, especially the young generation, have chosen gaming as their number one form of entertainment. 

Any gamer in the world would know about EA Sports, one of the leading brands in the gaming arena. The most popular and best-selling game of the company is undoubtedly FIFA.

 Every year they release a new version of the game with improvements and bug fixes. They invest a lot of money solely in developing this game. 

Over the years, the game had some issues which the customers have questioned. One of those issues was the FIFA 16 loan glitch. Here we’ll know about all the details of that glitch.

What was the loan glitch?

Fifa 16 Loan Glitch
What was the loan glitch

In FIFA 16, there was a massive loan glitch, and most of the people were trying to cash on it. 

But what was the glitch? In FIFA 16’s career mode, you could increase a player’s potential by simply following a loan process. 

Not all of the players could fall in this category. There were specific criteria of in-game players for whom the glitch worked.

As the players’ potential went up, their rating increased quicker than usual, for which the market value of the players increased too.

For which players does the glitch work?

For which players does the glitch work
For which players does the glitch work

As told before, the glitch works only for specific criteria of players. At first, the glitch worked for players who were under the age of 22 only.

 But later, it changed, and the players whose age was over 22 and less than 30 only could be eligible for the glitch. There were some other factors included too.

 The players had to be overall 60 rated at a minimum, and their potential rating couldn’t be less than 70. The highest possible rating achieved is 94, so the player’s potential rating had to be between 70 to 94.

In which platforms does the glitch work?

Fifa 16 Loan Glitch
In which platforms does the glitch work

FIFA is a globally popular game. It is also available across all formats, including Xbox and PS4. The platforms on which the glitch works is:

  • PC
  • PS3
  • PS4

The glitch doesn’t work in X-box.

What’s the process to benefit from the glitch?

What’s the process to benefit from the glitch
What’s the process to benefit from the glitch

There’s a specific process you need to follow to take advantage of the glitch. At first, you need to make sure that the player on whom you want to do it is eligible for the process stated above.

 Due to the glitch, the potential of the player rises. So what do you need to do to take advantage of it? Here are the steps:

  • After ensuring that the player falls in the eligibility criteria, you need to look for the player’s loan. You can send the player on short or long-term loans, but short-term loans are preferred, and you’ll know why.
  • After you’ve sent your player on loan, you need to save the game and then reload your progress.
  • Then you’ll go to your loan list from my team. From there, you’ve to find the player you sent on loan.
  • Call back your player from loan and see the potential status of your player. As calling back from a short-term loan costs less, so it’s preferred.
  • If the glitch doesn’t work, then reload the game again without saving and repeat the previous step 2-3 times.

Purchasing and Selling

FUT 16 currently incorporates a further developed purchase and sell framework wherein the costs will have a more extensive territory contrasted with the past emphasis.

EA Sports intends to keep the value range as wide as conceivable gave there is less coin cultivating. The engineers have made strides against coin cultivating by tweaking the monetary framework.

Regardless, they have parted the Transfer Market across ages which fundamentally imply that things can’t be shared across cross-gen.

Passing and Interception in FIFA 16

Passing in FIFA 16 has been redone to help better passing capacities. Players would now be able to pass the ball in limited holes gave they do it with the right planning.

This is called ping driven ground passes in the game wherein exactness is improved to track down the right pass to the right player. Interference has been patched up too, in both assaulting and guarded modes.

At the point when you have ownership, aggressors will be nearer to you and attempt and discover space for passing. At the point when you are guarding, safeguards will rapidly circle in to give you the right second to place in a tackle.

Top 2 Glitches –


How about we start with a simple one. A couple of cards on the FUT 14 exchange market were sold by in excess of 15 million coins, which was more than the greatest cost permitted.

Nonetheless, a few groups figured out how to. How? They utilized outsider applications that hadn’t this breaking point, and since the worker wouldn’t confirm the data, that was permitted to occur.

Until that second, 15M was the most elevated sum paid for a major part in Ultimate Team history.

Truth be told, it additionally occurred accidentally, since EA compensated Joey Barton with his of a kind own 95 evaluated things yet neglected to make it untradeable. What can think about what occurred straight away, isn’t that so?


As you most likely are aware, when a player is shipped off, he gets suspended for one match. You need to send him to the stores and pick another to supplant him in the beginning eleven.

In any case, in FIFA 16 there was a glitch that permitted you to utilize him in the accompanying match. All you needed to do was send him to the stores and close the application when the game began to look for a rival.

This stunt turned out extremely great in any FUT game mode.

How can I benefit from the glitch, and how do I understand?

How can I benefit from the glitch, and how do I understand
How can I benefit from the glitch, and how do I understand

From the glitch, you can benefit a lot as the players’ potential rises after coming back from a loan, so the overall rating of the player increases quickly. 

This helps to upgrade your team. Again when potential increases, then the market value of the player also rises to a certain extent.

 If you sell the player after calling him back from a loan, then you’ll earn a good amount of profit.

Now, how can you understand whether the players potential increased or not while calling back? There’s a status about the player’s potential like ‘showing great potential’ or ‘exciting prospect.’ If the rate goes up, then the glitch works.

 Another way is to observe the market value. If the market value of the player goes up, then you need to understand that the glitch worked.

How do you get loaned in FIFA 21?

Many people wonder, “How do you get loaned in FIFA 21?” There are a few ways to make it happen. One way is by playing the game and trying to win matches. Another way is by creating your own player and developing him or her through training sessions.

The last way is by purchasing points for EA Sports Points on Xbox Live Marketplace or Playstation Network Store.

It’s important to note that there are no guarantees that players will be loaned after they have been purchased with points, but sometimes it can work out if the timing of when you buy them coincides with your team needs during gameplay!


FIFA is one of the leading gaming brands in the world. It’s played by people of different ages all over the world. 

Though it’s a colossal company sometimes, it has some problems too. In FIFA 16, the loan glitch was one of those. 

FIFA regularly tries to fix bugs and glitches, but this remained in-game for a long time. Above, you can find the full details and process of the glitch. 

Also, FIFA 16 loan glitches can quickly be taken advantage of following some rules and processes clearly described above.

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